The images below capture 3 sequences (to scan or capture images) in a Chromebook or Chrome browser (Nexsus7 Android Tablet used here). Note that multiple apps are used as pictured in the first image of row2: Chrome, FileManager, All in One Remote, and Gmail. Not all screens were captured, but the important ones are shown below.

  1. scanning from hp aio printer using Webscan on EWS at direct) or (typical wifi). Note: instead of right clicking to save the image, just press and hold your finger on the image to get the pop up screen shown in the next image: with the save file option. The android operating system saves it to /downloads/1.jpg. You can locate and work with the image by dragging down notifications and touching the file name there, OR, launching the FileManager app and going to downloads. Once you see the file name touch and hold to get 'actions' you can perform on it (like email).
  2. locating the 1.Jpg file saved in /Downloads using a file brower app called fileManager and then sharing it via Gmail to someone
  3. the last row shows the AIO remote app capturing a music playlist using the Nexsus7's camera. (say you don't have a printer with a scanner, you can use this to capture the image)
  4. last 2 images show list Gmail's sent and some files saved by the AIO Remote app