Efax is a relatively new fax service linked to some HP printers that allows the user to fax without the need for a telephone connection. The HP ps 6520, ps 7510, ps Estation all have eFax. Most have an eFax icon right on the printer display to initiate faxing. The ps 6520 does not.

During the installation of the HP printer a program called Printer Assistant is loaded on your computer. It is represented by the icon of your printer on the home screen. Normally during install you will be prompted to register you printer with eFax in a screen that pops up automatically during the installation wizzard sequence. If it is missed, you can get it by clicing on the printer icon and starting the Printer Assistan program. A large window will pop up with many links. One will say eFax. Double click on it to bring up the efax enrolment window.

When the eFax enrolment window comes up, you must enter your name, personal email, and printers email address. If completed properly, you will receive an email with a link that (when clicked) will bring up you efax account in a web browser. You will see and eFax phone number like:1-880-347-9784 and a PIN like: 3256 You should record this information. You will use it to login into your account. You will give the phone number to others if they want to fax you.

The free eFax account that comes with select HP printers allows you to send or receive a total of 20 pages per month. You can increase this by upgrading your account at the efax.com website.