ipad eprint activate and test sequence

  1. go to appstore and search for "hp eprint". download and install
  2. select 'activate' on intro screen3 or go to settings (gear) and select activate
  3. enter HPC acct email eg. johndoe@hotmail.com and push 'send' on keyboard
  4. switch to safari/hotmail.com to getactivation code eg. G0W4
  5. enter activation code and push 'done'
  6. messages: sending code, code sent briefly appear
  7. request screen: can we use current location.. say yes
  8. at 'home1' screen may see printer eg. oj 8600 or 'no printer found'; push on either text to go to printers page
  9. you may see one or more printers (depending on how many wireless printers ipad/ios7 detected automatically)
  10. select the printer you want
  11. (optionally) push the '+' at bottom right to add a printer email address
  12. enter eg. jwb8600@hpeprint.com
  13. touch main screen (behind pop-up) to go back to main screen
  14. select an icon (photos, email, web or cloud) to navigate to media and print

ipad test print from mail

  1. touch envelope
  2. select your email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) and enter name (eg. johndoe@yahoo.com) and pswd
  3. messag: verifying account ..followed by home screen with mailboxes
  4. select and email
  5. at bottom of screen touch email body; a preview window of the email is rendered along with a help window 'smoke' screen overlay
  6. select print; see printing progress bar with stop button; see adds; possibly rate app; touch done